Indian Prime Minister to visit Palestine

New Delhi: The Indian prime minister will be visiting Palestine within a month of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s India visit. The foreign ministry informed that the prime minister will be visiting Palestine on the 10th of February. This will show that India is trying to keep a balance in its foreign policy.

Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale clarified that the prime minister will be visiting United Arab Emirates, Oman and Palestine in the second week of February. The prime minister’s Palestine visit will not have any effect on the India-Israel ties. Gokhale denied the possibility saying that any one point will not affect the ties.

PM-visit- PalestineIndia had voted in favour of the resolution moved against the declaration by the US President Donald Trump, that Jerusalem would be the capital of Israel. It was evident in the Israeli prime minister’s India visit, that this has not affected the relations or co-operation between India and Israel. Therefore, Palestine has also attached a lot of importance to its relations with India.

A few weeks ago, the Palestine ambassador to Pakistan had attended a rally of Hafeez Saeed. Saeed had spewed venom against India in this rally. India had protested seriously about this to Palestine. Palestine had accepted the mistake and expressed regret about it. Palestine had shown that it values the relations with India by recalling the ambassador from Pakistan.

It has been a long time since that and still Palestine has not appointed an ambassador to Pakistan. Due to this, there is resentment in Pakistan that Palestine values it relations with India more than that with Pakistan. The Pakistani journalists are claiming that there is no point in building animosity with Israel by favouring Palestine who values India more.

Former dictator of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf has also asked to improve relations with Israel. Pervez Musharraf had put forwards his stand in the interviews he had given when Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was on his India visit. Few reporters have advised their government saying ‘If Palestine is not going to support Pakistan on its Kashmir stand then Pakistan also should ignore Palestine.’

At the same time, some analysts say that Pakistan should learn from India’s matured foreign policy. India is maintaining excellent relations with Palestine as well as Israel. Pakistan also should avoid taking sides, advice the analysts.

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