President Trump signs agreement to increase influence in the Indo-Pacific along with military aid for Taiwan

Third World WarWashington: President Donald Trump signed a fresh agreement to strengthen its influence in the Indo-Pacific region and to continue with the arms supplies to Taiwan. The agreement has an important provision that the United States will continue to supply all the arms systems necessary for Taiwan to defend itself. A strong reaction from China is expected as President Trump has gone ahead with signing this agreement, despite the issue of arms supplies to Taiwan, being a point of dispute with China.

Last year in March, President Trump had signed the Taiwan Travel Act. This had a provision that the US officials and leaders can hold meetings with similar ranked officials and leaders from Taiwan. This act is considered to be a part of the aggressive policies of Trump. Following this, the United States also accepted a proposal to sell arms worth nearly $ 33 billion to Taiwan.

president trump, indo-pacific, taiwan, usIn 1979, the United States had accepted that Taiwan is a part of China, accepting the Chinese claim. Therefore, the United States had no official relations with Taiwan. Despite this, the United States has always provided all possible aid to Taiwan to protect itself from China. But China has always maintained its stand that Taiwan is a sovereign Chinese territory.

President Trump has challenged the Chinese policy and activities ever since he came to power and initiated moves to increase its influence in the entire Indo-Pacific region including the South China Sea. India, Japan, Australia and the Untied States have even formed a group with the sole objective of stopping China. Continuous supply of arms and defence cooperation to Taiwan is also believed to be a stage in the objectives of the group.

The Asia Reassurance Initiative Act (ARIA) signed by Trump on Monday has an independent provision for Taiwan under section 209. There is also a mention of the Taiwan Travel Act along with the arms supply. There also is a mention that the United States remains committed to finding a peaceful solution to the dispute between Taiwan and China. Restraining the Chinese influence in the Indo-Pacific region and strengthening the leadership of the United States in the region are believed to be the main intentions behind the act.

Over the last one year, the United States has provided large scale military aid to Taiwan and had expressed preparedness to supply helicopters and destroyers. This is believed to have been confirmed with the US President signing the ARIA. There is an intense reaction expected from China, as President Trump has continued to justify the arms supply and defence cooperation with Taiwan despite consistent threats being issued by China.

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