President of the Philippines orders ’Shoot them dead’

Manila: – Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines, ordered shooting the people creating anarchy, violating the rules of the lockdown. The Philippines military and police have been issued these orders. Through this, Rodrigo Duterte, the President of the Philippines, has issued orders for extreme action against the offenders, violating the lockdown. Coronavirus has claimed 96 lives in the Philippines and the number of cases has reached 2,311.

Since the last two weeks, the Philippines is under lockdown. Life essentials have not reached many poor people in the Philippines. Some people took to the streets to protests against this. This put a strain on the Philippines security agencies. Thereafter, the President of the Philippines ordered action against the demonstrators creating a chaotic situation.

President Duterte ordered the military and police to shoot the people endangering the lives of others along with their own. President Duterte warned that attacking the medical staff is an unpardonable offence and no one will be spared for such offences. Saying that no one should try to threaten and challenge the government, President Duterte issued a stern warning that if someone did that, they will face dire consequences.

Meanwhile, the Philippines security agencies dismantled the protests and detained 26 people. The human rights activists have come forward for their release. But President Duterte endorsed this action taken against the people violating the rules of the lockdown.

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