Police take action against anti-Putin demonstrations in Russia; 350-plus arrested

Moscow: – Protests have started against Russian President Vladimir Putin in many cities of Russia. These protests have started because of the punishment handed out to Putin’s political opponent Alexei Navalny. The Russian security agencies have taken aggressive action against the protestors, and more than 350 protestors have been arrested. Intense reactions have been received from the western world over the punishment handed out to Navalny and the actions against the protestors.   

putin-protest-russiaLast year in August, Navalny faced a dangerous poisoning attempt. He had been moved to Germany for treatment. A few days ago, Navalny returned to Russia. He was sent to jail immediately after returning to Russia. Although the current jail term is ending in February, it is being said that the term is likely to be extended. Claiming that the political action against him was wrong, Navalny appealed to his supporters to protest against the government.   

Responding to the appeal, thousands of Navalny supporters took to the streets in many cities, including Moscow, on Saturday. Navalny supporters claimed that the protests were receiving an excellent response, despite the temperature being –30 degree Celsius. Nearly 5,000 protestors displayed placards with ‘Shame, Shame’ written on them and gave aggressive slogans. The security agencies used tear gas and resorted to lathi charge against the protestors. More than 350 protestors have been arrested from various cities of Russia.  

The United States and the European Union has expressed regret over the imprisonment of Navalny and the action against the protestors. The European Union demanded the release of Navalny and inquiry into the poisoning incident. Whereas, the United States expressed strong concern over the arrest of Navalny and criticised the action of the security agencies against the protestors. 

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