Philippines announces ‘armed militia’ to counter China

Manila/Beijing: – Philippines is prepared to build ‘Armed Militia’ of fishermen to counter the Chinese activities in the South China Sea. The Chinese policy is encroachment in any marine region with its fishing boats. The Philippines Minister warned of a fitting retaliation saying that we have decided to adopt the same policy. While Philippines is adopting an aggressive stand against China, the former military chief has warned of the possibility of a Chinese attack. The former military chief, Emmanuel Batista claimed that if a war flares up between China and the United States, China can launch an attack on Philippines and gain control over it.  

Over the last few years, the Chinese navy has increased its activities tremendously, in the South China Sea. Along with the Chinese warships, the movement of the Chinese coast guard and the fleets of armed fishing boats (Naval Militia) have increased in the South China Sea region. The Chinese warships and boats are consistently harassing the ships of other countries sailing through this region. In April, an incident of a Chinese patrol vessel dashing against a Vietnam fishing boat also had been reported. Multiple incidents of Chinese infiltration in the Philippines marine region have been reported in May and thereafter. Taiwan also had expressed concerns over the increasing movements of this Chinese Naval Militia.   

The south-east Asian countries have started taking an aggressive stand against Chinese activities. A few days ago, Malaysia detained six Chinese ships. Vietnam has initiated the process of strengthening its coast guard and has taken assistance from countries like Russia, Japan and India. Indonesia published a statement denying the Chinese claims over the South China Sea and has indicated an increase in the defence expenditure. In the last few months, Philippines has made preparations to build a naval base in the South China Sea and now, going further, has warned China to teach a lesson, in its language.   

Philippines has announced building Naval Militia named Cafgu Active Auxiliary Services (CAAS). Philippines naval chief Vice Admiral Giovanni Carlo Bacordo has taken the initiative in the matter. Vice Admiral Bacordo said that this militia would operate in the areas where the Philippines navy and coast guard cannot operate. Initially, the strength of the armed naval militia will be 200.   

While Philippines is adopting an aggressive stand, the former Philippines military chief has warned that if a China-US war is sparked in the South China Sea, it would have its effects on the Philippines. Philippines is at a crucial location connecting the South China Sea with the Pacific Ocean. If a war sparks between China and the United States, China may attack Philippines and acquire strategic locations. These include Mindoro, Cebu, San Bernadino, Surigao in the Philippines marine region, along with the Bashi Channel. Former military chief Emmanuel Batista warned of the Chinese attack saying that control over these regions is vital to dominate the South China Sea. At this time, he also mentioned that there is a military cooperation agreement between the United States and Philippines, which could also become a reason for a Chinese attack on Philippines. 

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