Turkish President warns US & Russia over Syria conflict

Ankara: – Turkey is extremely upset with the Russian action against the Turkey-affiliated terrorist organisation in Syria. Turkish President Recep Erdogan accused that Russia is not interested in having stability in Syria. Erdogan also warned that if the Kurds are not removed from the Turkish border, Turkey has all the rights to invade into Syria to take action. President Erdogan even warned the United States that its activities near the Syria-Iraq border would spark a new conflict in the region.  

Syria-turkey-terroristsOn Monday, Russian fighter jets launched fierce airstrikes in the Idlib province in northern Syria. 78 members of the terrorist organisation Faylaq al-Sham, were killed in the airstrikes. After a six months ceasefire, this is the first major attack carried out in Idlib. Faylaq al-Sham is known as the most influential among the terrorist organisations, affiliated to Turkey, fighting for the Syrian Assad regime. Therefore, a Turkish reaction was expected after Russia targeted this terrorist organisation. Turkish President Erdogan criticised the Russian action and announced a new military campaign in northern Syria during his speech in the Turkish parliament.   

Erdogan retorted that Russia, carrying out airstrikes on Turkey-affiliated groups, does not seem to want peace and stability in this region. At the same time, the Turkish President threatened to launch attacks in the northern parts of Syria. The Russian supporter Kurds, in north Syria, are posing a threat to Turkey and as per the ceasefire agreed since the last six months, Russia had promised to move the Kurds from northern Syria. But the Kurdish rebels are still present in north Syria, and if Russia does not remove these Kurds from northern Syria, Turkey will invade into Syria and take action against these terrorists.   

Turkey threatened even the United States, along with Russia. It is claimed that the US soldiers are involved in military activities with the Kurds. The Turkish media are alleging that these US activities are against Turkey. President Erdogan objected to these US military activities. President Erdogan threatened that these US military activities would lead to a new conflict and crisis. Turkey has warned the United States, even in the past, over cooperation with the Kurds. But the United States had continued with its cooperation and assistance to the Kurds without paying any heed to the Turkish threats.   

Meanwhile, the disputes between Russia and Turkey are intensifying. The increasing Turkish interference in Libya along with Syria and also in the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, in the region known as the Caucasian province of Russia, are becoming the causes for Russian irritation. Russia has expressed its displeasure openly in the last few days. Analysts even warned that the Armenia-Azerbaijan war is becoming a proxy war between Russia and Turkey.   

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