Patrolling of western warships increases in the South China Sea

Third World WarCanberra/London: The United States and its allies have initiated aggressive steps to stop China who has been tightening its grip over the South China Sea. Australia has gradually deployed 8 destroyers in this region over the last few months. A Senior Australian official also announced that an Australian military base will be established in the Pacific region. Moreover, the UK has announced additional deployment of warships in the region defying the Chinese warning.


A third of the global marine freight movement occurs through the South China Sea region. Therefore, the United States, South Eastern and Western countries are making efforts to maintain the freedom of this international freight movement. But China has claimed rights over the entire South China Sea. While claiming this right it has disregarded the rights of the South Eastern countries of Vietnam and Philippines in this region.

It was also reported that the Chinese warships have started patrolling not only in the South China Sea but also near the Australian marine limits. It had also been exposed earlier that there were moves initiated to create a military base on the Vanuatu islands, to the east of Australia. To counter the Chinese aggression, Australia too has increased its naval movements. The Australian defence ministry informed the Australian Parliament that the patrolling by the destroyers in the South China Sea has been increased.

Patrolling, sount china sea, USIn the last ten months, Australia has deployed 8 destroyers in the South China Sea. The Australian defence ministry informed that these destroyers patrolled for nearly 60 days in this marine region. Australian Chief of Defence Forces, Angus Campbell justified the increased patrolling by the Australian destroyers.

‘This information shows that the Australian patrolling in the South China Sea has increased. This also means that Australia is taking up the responsibility of maintaining the freedom of freight movement in this marine region, along with its allies in this region,’ informed Defence Chief Campbell.

At the same time, Australia has increased movements to widen its scope in the Pacific region. Australia announced building of a military base on the Manus Island in the Pacific nation of Papua New Guinea. The discussions with the Head of State of Papua New Guinea have been completed and establishment of a naval base has been finalised. Therefore, it is apparent that Australia is making strong preparations to counter the Chinese aggression.

Following Australia, the United Kingdom also has increased its patrolling in the South China Sea. After the patrolling carried out by a British amphibious warship around a month ago, a senior British naval officer informed that a few more British warships will be entering the South China Sea region in the next few days.

Even earlier, the British warship had jointly patrolled the region with the US Navy warship. Infuriated by this, China had issued a warning to the United Kingdom. Ignoring the warning by China, the United Kingdom has announced the decision to send its warships to the South China Sea region.

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