Pakistan’s ISI helping the Chinese Money Laundering racket in India

New Delhi: – The interrogation of Chinese spies has unearthed loads of important information regarding the Chinese espionage and money laundering rackets in India. It has been said that the Chinese spies were being assisted by the notorious Pakistani intelligence agency ISI, citing sources from the home ministry. It is also being revealed that the funds generated through this money laundering racket were to be transferred to ISI for saboteur activities in India. The Chinese espionage racket was exposed in August and September. Three people had been arrested in this connection.  

China was attempting to damage the Indian economy along with spreading the espionage network. For this Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI was assisting China. A Hawala racket of nearly ₹20 billion had been built. In August, the income tax department raided a few Chinese companies and Indian companies affiliated to them. The Money laundering racket was exposed in these raids and after inquiries, Chinese national Charlie Pang alias Leo Sang had been arrested. Charlie Pang was secretly remitting ₹30 million every day to China. This racket was directly connected to the Chinese military. Charlie Pang was also responsible for keeping a watch on Tibetan religious leader Dalai Lama and other Tibetan locations for the Chinese intelligence agency ‘Ministry of State Security.   

The interrogation of Charlie Pang led to the arrest of three people. These included a Chinese woman King Xi, her Nepalese accomplice Sher Bahadur and a freelance journalist, Rajiv Sharma, assisting all these people is retrieving information. During interrogation, King Xi made a shocking revelation that attempts were being made to get information and set the espionage network in the offices of the Prime Minister and other important departments.   

More information has been revealed regarding this and the arrested Chinese spies have confessed that Pakistani ISI, was assisting China in developing a spy network and also for the Hawala racket, in India. These reports have been published citing sources in the home ministry. It is also claimed that this money, generated through money laundering, was to be transferred to ISI to created instability and disturbances in India. The Indian security agencies had already warned that the China-Pakistan nexus is a matter for major concern. 

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