Morale of the Chinese soldiers deployed on the LAC in Ladakh diminishing 

New Delhi: – The eighth round regarding the India-China border dispute has still not started. The former military officials are suggesting that India should not adopt a soft stand to resolve the dispute. With the temperatures dipping below minus 30-degree Celsius, there is no need for India to accept any of the Chinese terms. At the same time, reports are being received that the situation of the Chinese soldiers deployed in the region is becoming more and more difficult. This is dampening the spirits of the Chinese soldiers, and the military is forced to set up recreation centres for its soldiers.  

China had conspired to increase the pressure on India with intrusion in the Ladakh sector. But this was planned to be an intrusion for a short period. But after the Indian Army interrupted, the Chinese Army made it a prestige issue. The Chinese soldiers launched a cowardly attack on the Indian soldiers, in which 20 Indian soldiers were martyred. But more than double Chinese soldiers were killed in the Indian retaliation. Thereafter, the agitated Indian Army jolted China with the takeover of the hills to the south of Pangong Tso lake. Therefore, it has become difficult for China to withdraw from the region.   

Former officials of the Indian military were predicting that it will be difficult for the Chinese soldiers to sustain after the onset of winter. The prediction is proving to be true. The Indian soldiers have been discharging their duties of protecting the borders, routinely, even in the Ladakh winter. But Chinese soldiers do not have this experience. Therefore, Chinese soldiers are repeatedly reporting ill in this minus 20-degree Celsius temperature. Many of the Chinese soldiers even had to be admitted to the hospitals. Helicopter sorties are being carried out to ferry these sick soldiers. More importantly, the morale of these Chinese soldiers is dampening in this severe Ladakh weather. The Chinese Army has initiated efforts to bring up the confidence and enthusiasm in its soldiers. Recreations centres have been started for this purpose. There are hot water swimming pools, hot tubs, fitness centre, library and even computers in these recreation centres. Along with this, the Chinese soldiers are receiving tonnes of materials.   

But this will not help, in any way, in lifting the morale of the Chinese soldiers. The temperatures in Ladakh will dip further with advancing winter. It is more likely that morale will sink further. Despite this, China has refused to withdraw from the LAC, making it a prestige issue. Even the international analysts are warning that China may have to pay a heavy price for this. China misjudged the Indian capabilities and reactions and attempted intrusion on the LAC in Ladakh. All the decisions taken after that have boomeranged on China. Analysts are warning that China will have to pay a dearer price for this in the times to come. Whereas, on the other hand, India need not hurry to resolve the border dispute. Former Indian military officials have given their verdict that the Indian soldiers will sustain the Ladakh cold for any period. 

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