Number of Coronavirus deaths in China forty times the reported numbers, claim British officials

London: – Senior officials from the British government issued a stern warning ‘The number of deaths in China due to Coronavirus is at least 15 to 40 times, of the figures reported by China. But China is not allowing this information to be exposed. But China will have to pay the price for this in the future. Once the Coronavirus crisis is over, China will have to settle the accounts.’ Whereas, Senior member of the British cabinet of ministers, Michael Gove, accused that China is hiding a lot of information regarding the Coronavirus pandemic.

The US President blamed ‘If China had revealed the information in time, the world would not have to face the Coronavirus crisis. This could have been an epidemic restricted to one part of China.’ Severe criticism is emanating, even from other countries. British officials gave information regarding this to the newspapers. The British official accused that the actual number of deaths in the pandemic, in China, is 15 to 40 times of the reported numbers. As per these officials, it is a matter of regret that China is not willing to share the correct information with the world.

Therefore, these officials are demanding that all the cooperation with China, who has pushed the world in this Coronavirus crisis, by hiding vital information regarding the pandemic, should be stopped. The pressure is mounting on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, to cancel the agreement with the Chinese company Huawei, for implementation of the 5G technology, in the United Kingdom.

At this moment, the Priority of the United Kingdom will be winning over the Coronavirus crisis. The officials have given an angry reaction that China, who is responsible for this global crisis of the Coronavirus pandemic, must be made to pay a dear price for its deeds.

Michael Gove, a senior member of the British cabinet of ministers, has openly castigated China. Therefore, it is becoming clear that along with the United States, even the United Kingdom will be cornering China over the issue of Coronavirus pandemic, in the coming time. Aware of this fact, it is clearly evident that China is making efforts to improve its image, on the international level. China is telling the world that it can be of great assistance to save the world from the onslaught of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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