EU’s new migrant plan invites flak from member nations

EU accused of ‘blackmail’

New Proposal Migrants

In order to resolve the migrant crisis the EU has a new proposal that intends to work on the quota system. Member nations who refuse to accept refugees as per the ‘quota system’ will be fined € 250,000 for every refugee refused. Countries of Central and Eastern Europe have completely condemned the plan which they believe is sheer ‘blackmail’ on the part of the EU.

On Wednesday, during a special sitting of the European Commission that met to seal and endorse the gift to Turkey, viz. visa-free travel, this proposal of the ‘quota system’ was tabled once again. This new plan will allocate the quota of refugees to be accepted by a nation depending on its size of population and its GDP. In the event that a nation should accept more than 50% of its due share of asylum seekers, it would be permitted to relocate them to any of the EU nations.

However, the nations that decline to take in migrants, will have to end up paying a fine of € 250,000 per migrant refused. The proposal in question provides that this fine be paid to the nation that will then have to retain them. The European Commission states that the proposal intends to relieve countries like Greece and Italy that have been burdened as they have allowed entry to more than a fair share of asylum seekers. There are more than a 100,000 migrants stuck in Greece whereas Italy has already received more than 7,500 in the current year.

As he announced the new plan, the Vice President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans expressed his disapproval of the ways of member nations. He said that when it is the entire European Union that the migrant crisis threatens to engulf, one member nation cannot have its own way and deal with the situation as it may individually deem suitable. Member nations just do not seem to share any consideration. However, some of the member nations have denounced totally, this reform proposed by Timmermans.

Countries of Central and Eastern Europe have slammed the proposal openly. In an independent meet over the issue, conducted in Prague by Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia, Hungary expressed annoyance over the proposal labeling it as out and out ‘blackmail’. The Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijarto said the quota system was a ‘dead-end street’.

The Foreign Minister of Poland expressed derision saying, ‘I am still wondering if it’s a serious proposal. It sounds like an idea announced for April Fool’s day!’ The Czech Foreign Minister said that the plan took him by surprise. A total of four nations including Poland and Hungary have warned that they do not approve of this system at all. Slovakia has made it clear that it will accept refugees at will. 

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