Attacks by migrants fuels discontent against govt’s migrant policy in Germany

Attacks by migrants fuels discontent against govt's migrant policy in Germany

Berlin (News Agency) : German cities of Ansbach and Reutlingen witnessed violence by Syrian migrants, killing one attacker along with two others and injuring 17 people. Since last week Germany witnessed four back to back attacks resulting in killing of 13 people. It was highlighted that three out of the four attacks had involvement of migrants. This has caused a veil of doubt on German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s migrant policy. Her policies have also been severely criticized in Germany along with the rest of the European nations.


On a Sunday morning a Syrian migrant near southern German city of Reutlingen attacked a Polish woman with a large knife which killed her and injured 5 others including her assailant. Local security forces arrested a 21-year old attacker of Syrian origin. Police identified that he was a repetitive offender involved in many criminal activities.

Attacks by migrants fuels discontent against govt's migrant policy in Germany

After this incident, a Syrian migrant blew up himself at the entrance of the music concert in Ansbach city in Bavaria, a region in Germany. In this attack, 12 people were injured killing the suicide bomber. After the incident that took place at 10 pm at night, around 2,500 citizens which were present in the same locality were promptly shifted to a safer place.

Germany has suffered such suicide bomb attacks at hands of migrants’ for the first time. This Syrian refugee came to Germany two years ago, and was denied asylum. It was also brought to light that Germany was making arrangements to expel from the country. Though his name has not yet been disclosed but according to police officials, he is a 27-year old.

Bavaria’s Minister of Internal Security underlined the possibility of this attacker having ties with ISIS. However, this theory was not supported by police or security forces. It had been reported that amongst the people injured in this suicide bomb blast, three of them were in critical condition.

After repeated attacks in Germany, a lot of questions were raised on Chancellor Merkel’s migrant policy, it was subjected to a wide criticism even at national as well as international level. The opposition parties also severely criticized and attributed these attacks which occurred in past seven days, to Merkel’s stand on migrant policy. Germany’s intelligence and security forces had already warned about the probable terrorist attacks, stating that at least 15-20 ISIS terrorists have entered Germany.

Germany and France are both responsible for the terrorist attacks: Donald Trump

US Presidential candidate Donald Trump criticized Germany and France stating that both of these countries were responsible for their respective terrorist attacks. He also said that both of these countries had made a huge mistake by letting migrants enter their countries which resulted in terrorist attacks. Trump has announced to stop the flow of immigrants coming from nations involved in terrorism and has also indicated that he would put restrictions on people travelling to US from Germany and France.

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