Military deployment, the only alternative to stop the knife crimes in UK, Defence Minister Gavin Williamson

Third World War

London: British Defence Minister Gavin Williamson indicated that preparations are being made to deploy military to stop the increasing incidences of bloodshed in the British cities. As per the information given by the British agencies, in 2018, a whopping 285 people have been killed in the attacks with knives and other sharp weapons. The London police chief has asked for military deployment in view of the statistic, which is second only to the post second world war period.

knife-crimesLast month, senior police officials had warned that the Home Secretary should take expeditious steps, taking cognisance of the emergency situation, created because of the bloodshed and murders occurring on the streets of the cities like London and Birmingham, in broad daylight. Following this, Home Secretary Sajid Javid convened a meeting of police chiefs from around the country, on the issue of Knife Crimes. Before the meeting, Cressida Dick, Commissioner of Metropolitan Police in London, had demanded to bring in troops to support her officers as they battle these knife crimes in the cities.

Defence Minister Gavin Williamson had given positive indications, saying that the military is always ready to help any government department. The Home Minister had also clarified that this issue is being taken seriously, expressing sensitivity towards the kin of people killed in such attacks. The issue of anarchy in the United Kingdom because of Brexit, is on the anvil and a plan to deploy 10,000 soldiers has already been prepared.

Meanwhile, Home Minister Javid, during the meeting held on Wednesday, warned that this incidence of knife crimes should be treated like a contagious disease and all the departments have to contribute to resolve it. At the same time, he said that the demand from the police force,from around the country, for manpower and other resources, is legitimate and needs to be considered. The Home Minister also indicated that a provision of GBP 1 billion, for the British police force, was being discussed with Prime Minister Theresa May.

It is being revealed that the main reason behind the increase in the violent crimes in the United Kingdom is the reduction in the number of police personnel. As per the information published by the various government agencies, the number of police personnel has greatly reduced in the last decade. There is a shocking revelation that the number of policemen in capital London itself, has reduced by more than 5,000.

But Prime Minister Theresa May has tried to defend the government saying that there is no connection between the reduced number of policemen, with the increasing incidences of violent crimes. Strong reactions have been received from the political circles as well as from the police, regarding these efforts of the Prime Minister. Therefore, Prime Minister Theresa May has indicated convening a meeting on the issue of Knife Crimes.

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