PM inaugurates Light House Projects for affordable housing, says it will give direction to housing sector

New Delhi: The latest technology in the world is being promoted to build affordable houses for the low and middle class. The Prime Minister inaugurated the Light House Project under the Global Housing Technology Challenge for this purpose. Different advanced techniques from the global construction sector will build thousands of houses each in six cities. This will bring the latest technology to India. It is claimed that this technology and projects will prove to be the pilot for the construction sector in the future. Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed confidence that these projects will give a direction to the housing sector. The Prime Minister also underlined that this is an effort, by the government, to return the common man’s dream of having his own house.

Light House Project inaugurated for affordable housing, will give direction to the housing sector: PM ModiUnder the Light House Project, houses will be built in Indore, Chennai, Agartala, Lucknow, Rajkot and Ranchi, as a pilot project, by using the latest technology. The homes in Chennai will be built using Precast Concrete Technology from the United States and Finland. German 3D technology will be used in Ranchi to build these houses. Agartala will see the use of Steel Frame technology from New Zealand to build houses. The homes in Lucknow will be built using Canadian technology, and the houses in Rajkot will be made using French Monolithic technology.

A thousand houses will be built in each of the cities, and they will be completed in one year. In short, the speed of constructions will be the completion of two to three houses per day. The Prime Minister pointed out that all this is possible because of the latest technology. The Prime Minister said that this project would act as a lighthouse for the housing sector.

The housing sector was not considered a priority by the government in the past. But the government is providing the necessary attention since the last five to six years. The dream of the middle class has been to have their own house. But the goal had been shattered in the previous few years. However, the government is making efforts that the dream will remain and they will own a house. The Prime Minister underlined that the union government’s steps in this matter have rebuilt the confidence of the working middle class that they can have their own house.

All the houses built under this project will have a carpet area of 415 square feet each. These will be housed in a 14-storey building. This pilot, affordable housing project, is being implemented for the economically weaker sections in the cities. The cost of the house will be about Rs 1.259 million. The state government will provide Rs 783,000 in subsidy. The beneficiary has to pay only the remaining Rs 476,000. An official informed that these houses would be distributed through the National Housing Scheme.

Meanwhile, 50 companies are researching and developing the latest technology under the Global Housing Technology Challenge. Also, a certificate course will be started for the people from the construction sector to develop steel for the construction industry. Therefore, it will be possible to build houses, using the latest technology in the country.

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