Kashmir issue is more important, but not Uyghur: Pak PM

Islamabad – Pakistan Prime Minister said that the issue of the Uyghurs suffering inhuman atrocities at the hands of China is not important. Imran Khan appealed that he finds the Kashmir issue more critical than the Uyghurs. Besides, the international community should pay attention to the problem. At the same time, the Pakistan Prime Minister expressed a concern that a civil war will spark in Afghanistan.


Kashmir issue,POK,Uyghurs,Imran khan,Pakistan,Civil war,Palestine,Pakistan friend ChinaThe Pakistan Prime Minister thanked China, saying that China is the closest ally of Pakistan and has bailed Pakistan out of the gravest of crisis. The interviewer posed some uncomfortable questions to Imran Khan while showing praise on China during an interview with a news website. The interviewer asked why Imran Khan, who is always concerned about any offences against Muslims anywhere globally, not speaking about the atrocities showered on the Islamic Uyghur community in China.

Pakistan Prime Minister gave some evasive answers to the question. Imran Khan said that they do not want to discuss this issue with China in the presence of others and intend to maintain the secrecy of the talks behind closed doors. At the same time, Pakistan Prime Minister stated that he does not accept that torture camps have been created and China is meting out atrocities to the Uyghur people. Imran Khan made a ridiculous claim that the Uyghurs issue is being attached undue importance and Kashmir and Palestine issues are more important.

The stunned interviewer pointed out to Imran Khan that robust and credible evidence has surfaced regarding the atrocities showered on the Uyghurs by China. Still, there was no response from Imran Khan. Therefore, Imran Khan seems to have lost his credibility once again. Earlier also, Imran Khan claimed that he was unaware of atrocities against the Uyghurs in China. Some analysts from Pakistan itself had criticized Imran Khan over these statements.

Meanwhile, Imran Khan expressed a concern that a civil war will be sparked in Afghanistan following the US military withdrawal. The United States is withdrawing its military without working out a political solution. All party government is the only solution to the problem in Afghanistan. Instead of doing that, the United States is withdrawing the military from the country. Pakistan Prime Minister claimed that the threat of sparking a civil war has increased due to this.

Imran Khan insisted during the interview that he is not a representative of Taliban. Imran Khan expressed a concern that Pakistan will feel the maximum heat if the Taliban perpetrate bloodshed in Afghanistan after it takes over the country. Imran Khan made an important announcement ‘But under any circumstances, Pakistan will not provide a military base to the United States.’ While Imran Khan is making this announcement, it has been exposed that the US fighter jets are carrying out attacks on the Taliban using the Pakistani airspace.

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