Japan warns Britain on ‘Brexit’ says Japanese companies may exit Britain

London/Tokyo: Japan issued a stern warning that the Japanese Industrialists will exit Britain if they face any hardships and losses due to Brexit. The Japanese and the British delegations met over the Brexit issue a few days ago in Britian. Japan submitted their aggressive position in front of Prime Minister Theresa May. Japanese companies have invested about $ 56 billion in Britain and there are about a hundred thousand jobs connected to the Japanese industry.

japan, britrain, theresa may, brexit, There was a meeting of the Japanese heads of companies with the British Prime Minister Theresa May held at her residence, in the presence of the Japanese Ambassador to Britain, Koji Tsuruoka. Senior colleagues of Prime Minister May from the cabinet were present for the meeting. Prime Minister May assured the Japanese delegation that the ‘Brexit’ process will be completed shortly and the Japanese interests will be protected. May also claimed that the Free Trade Agreement also will soon be signed with Japan after it stepped out of the EU.

But, the Japanese heads of companies and Ambassador Koji Tsuruoka pulled up the British leadership about the uncertainties around Brexit. ‘After Brexit, if a reasonable profit cannot be made, not only the Japanese but no other private companies will continue to operate in the UK. Every individual should be aware that the everyone’s existence is at stake’ the Japanese ambassador warned.

Japan has consistently taken an assertive role about the Brexit issue and is making efforts to pressurise Britain. In 2016 after Brexit, Japan had published an independent report about its effects on the British economy. The report had warned that if Britain exited the EU’s ‘single market’, the Japanese industry will be faced with major hardships. There was increased Japanese activity for moving the offices and enterprises out of Britain.

The leading Japanese bank, “Mitsubishi UFJ’ had indicated moving the business to Amsterdam from London. Whereas, ‘Nomura’ and ‘Daiwa’ had prepared to move to the German city of Frankfurt. In view of this, France also is attempting to attract the companies in Britain to France, and the French Foreign Minister has visited Japan last week.

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