Israel deploys anti-missile system near Syrian border

Jerusalem: After the incident of the Syrian missile shooting down an Israeli F-16, it has been learnt that within 24 hours, Israel has deployed the anti-missile system near the Syrian border. An Israeli daily has reported that there in increased movements of the Israeli army vehicles in the northern part of its border with Syria. The daily has claimed that this preparation is in view of the fact that this is the first time that an enemy has shot an Israeli jet down in the past 35 years.

syria, anti missiles, syriaThe Israeli daily is said to be quoting the information given by the northern town of ‘Baqa al-Gharbiyye’. The locals saw Israeli military trucks, anti-missile systems and soldiers being despatched to the Syrian border on Sunday night. The Israeli daily has claimed that some locals have even posted the photographs of these anti-missile systems on the social media. A truck carrying the battery for the anti-missile system, an Israeli tank and a military vehicle is visible in the photograph.

The news has been published in the Israeli daily, and the Iranian and the Lebanese media have highlighted the news. Israel, angered by the shooting down of its fighter jet by Syria, is making preparation for a war against Syria, claimed the media. The Israel army has denied to comment on the concerned news. The Israel army had even previously denied, to comment on the news, concerning Syrian air attacks.

The tension in this region has escalated due to the shooting down of the Israeli F-16 by Syria. It is claimed that Syria used an anti-missile system to shoot down the Israeli jet. The pilot escaped before the crash. But, there is a possibility of a fitting reply from Israel, as this is the first time an Israeli jet has been shot down since 1982.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Avigdor Liberman, had warned Syria about retaliation. But, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, had appealed to Israel not to take any action that can spark off a war in Syria. In view of this, the observers worldwide are awaiting the Israeli reaction.

US Defence Secretary James Mattis says Israel fully entitled to self-defence

Washington: ‘Israel cannot wait until its people are sacrificed in the attacks by Syria. Israel is fully entitled to attack the Hezbollah and the Iranian locations in Syria, in self-defence.’, US Defence Secretary James Mattis has said. He also said that the US supports the Israeli action against the intruding Iranian drone.

Defence Secretary Mattis had to face a barrage of questions in Italy from the reporters, on his way back to the US, after his tour to the Asian countries. The reporters asked if the US had any hand in the incidents between Israel and Iran at the Syrian border, two days ago. Mattis clarified that US had no hand in the incidents, while answering the question. The US Defence Secretary expressed concern about the increasing Iranian interference in Syria and Bahrain.