India’s decision to deny Chinese companies a chance to test 5G technology disappointing, reaction of the Embassy of China

New Delhi: India allowed telecom companies to start the trials of 5G technology. But the Chinese companies have been kept out of this. The Chinese embassy in India expressed regret over the Indian decision. Chinese embassy spokesperson Wang Xiaojian said that the decision not only tramples the Chinese legal rights but also affects the Indian industry atmosphere. It has become clear once again that China intends to extort trade benefits from India, continuing with a vast military deployment on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh.


India's decision to deny Chinese companies a chance to test 5G technology disappointing, reaction of the Embassy of ChinaIndian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar is in the United Kingdom for the G7 conference. Jaishankar clarified during the meeting that the India-China relations are passing through a difficult phase. China has made huge military deployments near the Indian border. Jaishankar said that it could not be denied that this has resulted in straining relations between the two countries. This Chinese deployment is there for the last year, and China is unwilling to withdraw its military. Therefore, tension is prevailing on the border. Saying that there was bloodshed on the Indo-China border for the first time in 45 years, the Foreign Minister reminded of the Galwan Valley conflict.

Issuing threats on one hand and presenting proposals for best relations on the other sectors, and expecting a positive response is not practical. Although the tension on the LAC has reduced to an extent, it has not been diffused. Saying that, therefore, the Indo-China relations have not been normalised, Foreign Minister Jaishankar pointed to the reality. The Indian stand regarding China has become more evident with his statements. The statements made by Jaishankar only indicate that the regret expressed by China on the decision of the Indian government regarding 5G will not affect India in any way.

The Telecom ministry permitted the telecom companies to start trials of the 5G technology. These include Vodafone Idea Limited, Bharti Airtel Limited, Reliance Jio Infocom and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited. Orders have been issued that none of these companies can use Chinese technology for this purpose. This has caused major losses to the Chinese companies. The Chinese companies were looking at India as a vast marketplace for the 5G technology. But the business of these companies is threatened with India turning its back on them.

In this scenario, the disappointment expressed by the Chinese embassy becomes a natural phenomenon. But India has decided to make China pay a heavy economic price for its aggression on the LAC in Ladakh. The effects are now visible, and China has started presenting an amicable stand that border dispute and bilateral relations are two different things. But India is issuing the warning that if China wants Indian cooperation, it has to withdraw its military from the LAC in Ladakh and make responsible moves even in the future.

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