Indian armed forces ready to fight at Pakistan & China borders simultaneously, CDS Gen Bipin Rawat

New Delhi: – Chief of Defence Staff, General Bipin Rawat, has warned both the neighbouring countries in a harsh language, ‘India wants peace on the border, but the Indian defence forces are in a state of complete readiness to stop the aggressive actions of the Chinese military. If Pakistan tries to take advantage of the situation while the Indian defence forces are engaged in a conflict with the Chinese military, Pakistan will have to pay a very dear price for the misadventure.’ Only a few days ago, General Rawat had warned that if the discussions with China fail, India has the military option open. Thereafter, within only a few days, the Indian military took control of important locations to the south of Pangong Tso lake. Therefore, the importance of the fresh warning issued by the Defence Chief has increased tremendously.   

bipin-rawat-3-sep Indian Chief of Army Staff General Manoj Mukund Naravane is on a visit to Ladakh, and he reviewed the security situation there. The Army Chief postponed his Myanmar visit for this two-day visit. The Indian and Chinese militaries are involved in a standoff in the Pangong Tso region of Ladakh. Following the clash on 29th-30th August, China has made huge military deployments in the area in an attempt to increase pressure on India. But India made equivalent deployments in retaliation. Now China is appealing to India to withdraw its military.   

The Indian analysts are busy discussing whether China will declare war against India or compromise and retreat. But all the military analysts and former military officials think that India should not trust China under any circumstances. The former military officials have advised that instead, India should show more aggression and increase the pressure on China. The entire world is watching the developments in Ladakh. Former military officials have also said that China will continue with its military activities to ensure that a message that China bowed in front of India is not delivered to the world.   

Against this background, General Rawat has issued a warning to China in exact words. General Rawat has delivered a stern message that although India wants peace on the border, there can be no compromise on the sovereignty of the country and Indian defence forces have made all the preparations to face China. Chinese government’s mouthpiece daily Global Times had recently warned that China could get India jaded using Pakistan. Some loudmouthed journalists and analysts have started speaking a language that Pakistan should take advantage of the India-China conflict and attack Jammu and Kashmir. Some Pakistani analysts have demanded from the government and military to enter the war for its friendly ally, China. But the Indian Defence Chief has warned Pakistan not to fantasize.   

Pakistan has been perpetually fighting a secret war with India using terrorism. Even at this time of India-China tension, Pakistan can show aggression against India. But General Rawat reprimanded Pakistan that it will have to pay a very dear price for this misadventure.   

Through this, General Rawat has delivered a clear message that India is prepared to fight wars, on both the borders, to China and Pakistan. 

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