Indian Army to preserve current strength of troops in Ladakh during winter

New Delhi: The possibility is very thin that the tension between India and China will diffuse anytime soon. India has deployed a large number of soldiers along with tanks and other equipment at Galwan in east Ladakh. India also has made preparations for long-term deployment because of the Chinese deployment in the Aksai Chin region and the Chinese activities near the border. There are indications that India will continue with its deployment, even in adverse conditions, in the winter months.

Indian military

The next round of talks between the Indian and Chinese military officials for diffusing the tension in Ladakh is scheduled to be held soon. As per the military officials because of the Chinese movements on the border, there is hardly any possibility of reducing the tension. India has issued a clear warning to China to withdraw its soldiers from the Finger 4 and Finger 8 areas near the Pangong Tso lake. India had given China a timeline of two weeks for this withdrawal in the last meeting.

But China has not made any moves to withdraw its military from this region and instead is increasing its deployment in the border regions. The number of Chinese soldiers has increased in the Pangong Tso and Depsang region, and China has even deployed new speed boats in the Pangong Tso lake region. Against this background, India also has increased its deployment.

India has already deployed a large number of soldiers, tanks, artillery and other weapons in East Ladakh and it is being said, quoting military officials, that this deployment will continue even in the winter months. In the winter months, the temperature dips below minus 20oC in this region. The official said that because of the current situation at the border, this plan had been made to be able to counter any Chinese aggression even in the most adverse conditions. The official informed that these soldiers deployed in Ladakh would also be provided security equipment similar to the soldiers deployed in Siachen, the highest battlefield in the world.

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