India warns China via an all-party meeting

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi confidently affirmed that neither has any other country been able to intrude the Indian territory nor has any post taken by them. Moreover, the PM clarified his stance on this arrangement by saying that the Army is now monitoring even those areas, which were not attended at the India-China border earlier. They are also actively countering and stopping the intruders at the border itself.    

On Friday evening, PM Modi conducted a meeting will all the prime political parties of all states regarding the China border situation. In the meeting, all the parties agreed to stand in solidarity with the Indian Army. Besides, a few parties in the meeting also accused that China tried to intrude as the Indian government is busy developing the basic amenities at the China border region. Moreover, some leaders also emphasised that the position of India in the world has strengthened, and thus, China instigated India through such action. At the time, PM Modi expressed contentment by saying that this unity among all the Indian parties will boost the morale of our soldiers.    

In this meeting, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar gave an elaborate presentation on the incident of the martyrdom of 20 soldiers and the aggressive movements of the Indian Army that followed it. After the meeting, PM Modi asserted that India has not surrendered even an inch of its land to any other country. At the same time, he proudly mentioned and declared that the 20 venerable soldiers have taught a lesson to those who tried to invade and assault Indian sovereignty. The boundary alongside the China border is well equipped with basic amenities, which would strengthen the Indian army capabilities. Moreover, the intruders are being stopped by our Jawans at every stage and territory, said PM Modi as he hinted towards the wound of China.    

In this meeting, PM Modi granted a free hand to the Indian security forces act against Chinese actions that may take place in the future. Hence, the media has reported that China has received the message that all of India stands with the Indian Army against China. The Indian security force is actively functioning on all three ways- Jal-Thal-Nabh (Water, Land and Air). Moreover, the government is focusing on providing the security forces with fighter jets, advanced helicopters, missile systems, and other modern equipment said the Prime Minister. Thus, by citing this example, PM Modi seems to have warned that in case the border tensions escalate, the conflict of China, who murdered the Indian soldiers will not be limited to a particular region.   

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