India thanks UAE for support at OIC during India-UAE joint commission meeting

New Delhi: India thanked the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for understanding the Indian stand and supporting it, during the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) meeting. Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar held discussions with UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and thanked him. Discussions were also held on the issues of bilateral trade and increasing economic cooperation. Meanwhile, the increasing cooperation received, by India, during the OIC meeting is disturbing Pakistan further.   



Pakistan is making frantic efforts to isolate India by bringing the Kashmir issue, on the international stage. Pakistan had planned to bring up the Kashmir issue even in the OIC, organisation of the Islamic countries of the world. Pakistan had demanded to hold an OIC meeting, on this issue. But along with the Arab countries Saudi and UAE, even Maldives dismissed the Pakistan demand. Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar, thanked UAE for this cooperation, during the virtual meeting of the OIC, on Monday. At the same time, the Indian Foreign Minister expressed hope that the OIC platform will not be used for anti-India proposals, even in the future. Although Foreign Minister Jaishankar did not take any names, he was seemingly targeting Pakistani activities.   

During this 13th joint commission meeting, between India and UAE, trade, economic and social cooperation were discussed. India appealed to UAE to invest in the logistics, energy, defence, highways, ports, airports and food park sectors. Foreign Minister Jaishankar expressed confidence that this will provide an impetus to the economy. Satisfaction was expressed, saying that bilateral trade and economic cooperation was increasing. At the same time, bilateral military cooperation was also discussed. India also presented its stand on the issues of terrorism in Pakistan, Iran and Libya, during the discussion. Jaishankar welcomed the peace agreement, signed last week, between UAE and Israel. Jaishankar said, at this time, that India has defence cooperation with both UAE and Israel.  

There is a large Indian community in the UAE. Foreign Minister Jaishankar specially thanked UAE for taking good care of the Indians, during the Coronavirus crisis. UAE is an important energy partner for India. Prime Minister Modi had underlined the importance of the special relations, with the Gulf countries, during his Independence Day speech. Positive repercussions of the speech were felt during the meeting. The discussions between the two countries were conducted in an excellent atmosphere and both the countries concurred that the cooperation should be strengthened further. Next year, this meeting will be held in Abu Dhabi. 

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