‘B Tech’ qualification not adequate for jobs in IT industry

Hyderabad : While the laying off crisis due to new technology continues in the IT industry, experts in the IT field have indicated that to get good jobs in future, B.Tech degree would be inadequate. These experts have clarified that If a person wants to seek a job opportunity in the IT sector then for a B.Tech holder opting for post graduation and specialization will be mandatory.

IT sector has a major share in our country’s economical development. But in the times past, lot of attrition in the jobs of this field can be seen. Subsequently, getting job in this sector will become more difficult. It will not be possible for only B.Tech degree holder to get job in Indian IT sector.  It is compulsory for youngsters to have a  M. Tech degree as well as specialization, adviced Fomer HR head of Infosys, T. V. Mohandas Pai.

He further added that to gain access in the IT industry, the youngsters must not only have M. Tech Degree and specialization but they should learn ‘coding’ on their own also because in future most of the companies will hire candidates based on their coding knowledge.

Apart from this, hereafter, IT companies will avoid spending on training the selected candidates. He said that the process that requires spending time and money for training their employees will become completely obsolete and instead the process that companies will hire candidates based on coding knowledge will be implemented.

Meanwhile, a question was raised as to Why in past two decades, the salary of freshers in this industry is not growing? To which Mr. Pai replied that the IT industry is not growing at a fast pace. Mr. Pai further stated that the number of software engineers is increasing more than the actual requirement or demand and that needs an attention. Also, It is assumed that the IT sector will limit its growth  only to 2 % this year.

Thereafter, IT industry is expected to hire only 1.5 lakh to 1.6 lakh candidates this year. In the current scenario, no economy in the world will be able to hire 10 lakh engineers. It is not possible to the country such as  China, said Mr. Pai. Some reports indicate that as against offers of Rs 2.25 lakh per annum that used to go out for freshers two decades ago, have risen only to Rs 3.5 lakh now,Many companies of IT industry have come together & they have decided not to offer higher salary for freshers.

In the past few months, many companies from IT sector have started laying off their employees. Mr. Pai also said that if one  person is not performing then why any company will hire him.

A few days ago, Ashank Desai, the founder member of Mastek had said that many companies in the IT industry do not favour hiring candidates only for coding At the same time, Mr. Pai has hinted that doors of IT industry will be closed for the ones with only B. Tech degree.

As per a report published some days ago, nearly 20 to 30 percent of attrition is expected by the year 2020 in the Indian IT industry. A research report presented by Mckinsey India has indicated that in next 3 years nearly 6 lakhs IT employees will have to search for new jobs.It is seen that the possibility mentioned in the given report might hold true due to attrition rate of employees in the IT companies from the past few months.