India is all set to respond to China’s duplicitous policy 

New Delhi: As tensions at the LAC in Ladakh are on the rise, a significant defence-related meeting took place in the capital city, Delhi. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, EAM S Jaishankar, Indian NSA Ajit Doval, Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat and Chief of Army Staff General Manoj Naravane were present in this meeting. The discussion between Indian and Chinese military officials is expected to happen very soon. Thus, this recent meeting that occurred in Delhi stands significant. At the same time, the Chinese soldiers are now facing the effects of winter at Ladakh LAC; they are falling sick.    

In the next two to three days, the Indian and Chinese Brigadier General are going to discuss releasing tension at the India-China LAC. However, not much was achieved from the earlier meetings between the India-China army officials. Besides, news had surfaced that in a military discussion with EAM S Jaishankar that China had adopted an aggressive stance. Moreover, incidents of the PLA soldiers invading India border were exposed while these discussions took place. Hence, in future, India will have to take a firm stand while discussing this issue with China. Moreover, the duplicitous policy of China was a prime matter of discussion at the recent meeting.    

Meanwhile, even now, China has not ceased its movements that put military pressure on India. But, the soldiers of the Chinese army, who deployed its troops at the border, are now facing severe challenges of freezing winter. The Chinese soldiers, who are not used to the weather in Ladakh mountain ranges, are struggling hard to breathe. Hence, a few of them had to be admitted to the hospital. Besides, the rising number of soldiers struggling to breathe rises adds to the concern of the Chinese army. Moreover, a former Indian army official said that the condition of Chinese soldiers would worsen as the cold increases in the months to come.    

Against this background, it is said that China has proposed India about wanted to deploy 50 PLA soldiers at the China-invaded region. Moreover, China demands India to withdraw its troops entirely. But it is being said that China has declined this demand. However, even though China has agreed to retreat its army due to freezing temperatures, China may invade India via Arunachal Pradesh to restore its prestige. Hence, the Indian army is all set at the Arunachal Pradesh border.  

Moreover, the Indian army has deployed more troops and is closely monitoring the Chinese army movements. Also, the Indian military preparedness has been increased at the LAC that is close to the China border. Indian air force continues to patrol in the Ladakh airspace to ensure national security. 

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