India imposes ban on Chinese products

New Delhi, 26 May (PTI):


India Imposes Ban Chinese Products_PTIIndia to impose ban on imports of milk, dairy products and non-IMEI numbered mobile phones from China declared Union Minister of Commerce Nirmala Sitharaman. She further stated that this ban was due to the substandard quality of these Chinese products .As per the World Trade Organisation regulations ban cannot be imposed on all the products imported from a particular country.

This decision becomes politically relevant due to the strained relations between India and China because of Masood Azhar. She further stated that the ban on substandard products was in accordance to WTO regulations.

China had used its veto power to defend Pathankot attack mastermind Masood Azhar, putting ban on Chinese product is considered to be India’s stern answer to it.

Earlier after China vetoed Azhar’s resolution, Dolkun Isa – an Uyghur leader who was declared a terrorist by China was given visa by Indian government. It had triggered China’s reaction. Hua Chunying, the Spokesperson for Chinese foreign ministry said that concern was shown by China in this regards to India. Which then reminded India that Interpol had issued a ‘Red-corner’ notice against Dolkun Isa. It was after that Indian government denied Visa to Isa. By saying this Chunying is signally that India took this decision because of China’s pressure. However she said that talks are in progress on this issue between with India.

However sources from Indian Home Affairs Ministry explained that Dolkun Isa’s visa was denied due to technical reasons. This decision could be revoked in near future added the source.

This shows that India is still maintaining its pressure on China regarding this issue. As the political tussle goes on between the two countries, nationalised Chinese media is targeting India on this issue.

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