Cancer claims 5 lacs lives annually in India

About five lacs people in India die due to cancer every year. The percentage of throat cancer and stomach cancer is more in men and it has been found that the rate of breast, uterus and throat cancer among women is increasing.Cancer India

Looking at the increase in the number of cancer patients in India, the central government has decided to open 20 new treatment centers for cancer. Other than that, to make available the treatment for cancer, it has been decided at the government level to start 50 regional treatment centers in different parts of the country.

The 26 states have sent a total of 47 proposals to the central government for treating cancer. Out of which 14 proposals have been approved. This will help in starting of 7 cancer diagnostic centers and 7 regional treatment centers in 13 states. The finance required for setting up of these treatment centers has been provided to the states, informed the Union Health Minister, J.P. Nadda. Also, the states have been adviced by the central government to remove the flaws in the other proposals submitted by them.   

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