India criticises China during East Asia Summit

New Delhi: – India fired a salvo of criticism at China saying that the actions and developments in the South China Sea break the trustworthiness in the region. Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar also accused China, during the East Asia Summit, of pressurising the south-east Asian countries, to accept the conditions, using ‘Code of Conduct’. He referred to the Indo-Pacific sector as an integrated region and also clarified that the Indian interests in the Indo-Pacific sector are being developed keeping the south-east Asian countries at the centre. The Indian Foreign Minister, targeting China on an international platform, becomes significant, against the background of the reigning tension on the Line of Actual Control, in Ladakh.  

15th East Asia Summit presided over by Vietnam. Also, the chief of ASEAN was held on Saturday. Along with 10 ASEAN countries, representatives from India, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and China also were present. During this virtual meeting, Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar attacked China, without naming it.   

Foreign Minister, Jaishankar lashed out at China saying ‘The actions and incidents in the South China Sea, break the trustworthiness in the region. Negotiations to decide the framework of movements in the region are underway. The points in these negotiations have to be in sync with the United Nations regulations regarding the marine sector. Sectoral integrity and sovereignty must be respected. The interests of the countries outside the sector should not be viewed with a bias. ’China is making frantic efforts to keep countries like India and the United States out of the negotiations, going on with the ASEAN countries. It has also been exposed that China is pressurising the smaller states, for this purpose. Against this background, the aggressive stance adopted by the Indian Foreign Minister becomes significant.   

At this time, Foreign Minister Jaishankar justified the increasing Indian participation in the Indo-Pacific region. He clarified that for India, Indo-Pacific is an integrated sector. He assured that the ASEAN countries are central to the Indian policy, of developing interests, in the Indo-Pacific region. Various countries of the world are announcing independent policies for the Indo-Pacific sector and Jaishankar welcomed this development. The Indian Foreign Minister warned that if the outlook of these countries is to promote international cooperation, it will not pose a challenge.   

Against the background of the Galwan conflict and the activities on the Line of Actual control, India is giving a fitting reply to China on both military and economic level. At the same time, it is seen from the statements of S. Jaishankar that India has decided to lambast China, even on the diplomatic level, adopting an aggressive stand. 

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