US Navy must adopt a way to counter the Russia-China threat: warns US Navy Report

Washington: – The report by the US navy warns that the United States is a naval superpower and the country’s security and prosperity in safe given the influence in this sector. But since the beginning of the century, China and Russia are becoming aggressive in this sector. This is a long-term threat to the marine domination of the United States. Moreover, expeditious steps are necessary to control this. The steps taken in the next decade will play an important part in deciding the balance of marine domination in the 21st century. 

The chiefs of US navy, marine corps and coast guard have prepared an independent report for marine security. The report named ‘Advantage at Sea’ speaks about how the three wings of defence forces can play a role in maintaining US marine domination. The report in the very beginning asserts that the United States is the main power in the global marine sector. At the same time, it also claims that the US navy is also the medium of demonstrating the US defence capability to the world.   

Saying that the US Navy played an important role in the victory during the second world war, the report points out that since the beginning of the 21st century, Chinese and Russian activities have increased in the marine sector. The US navy receives information regarding these activities daily and these countries are the main adversaries of the United States. China is mentioned as the long-term and the biggest threat.   

The navy has warned ‘The US Navy, till date, has discharged the duties of maintaining freedom of freight movement and stopping aggressive activities and winning wars. But the increasing might of the Chinese navy is posing a challenge to the US navy.’ The report claims that to counter this challenge, it will prove decisive that all the three forces integrate more and take rapid steps for modernisation. While mentioning the Chinese threat, the report says that 60% of the US naval deployments are in the Indo-Pacific region. In the last few years, the Chinese navy has grown significantly and has got the honour of being the biggest navy in the world. Currently, China is said to have more than 350 warships and the target is to take this number to 400 in the next decade. Against this background, the warning issued by the US navy becomes noteworthy. 

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