180 Hindu and Sikh refugees from Afghanistan to seek asylum in India

Kabul: – The first batch of 11 Sikh refugees reached India last month. Now some more Hindu and Sikh refugees are returning to India. It has been reported that there are 180 Hindu and Sikh refugees in this second batch. In March, 25 people had been killed in a Taliban suicide attack in the city of Kabul, targeting the Sikh community. Thereafter, the demand that the Hindus and Sikhs from Afghanistan be given asylum in India was gaining ground. A few days ago, the Indian foreign ministry announced that the Hindu and Sikh refugees coming from Afghanistan would be granted asylum in India.

Hindu and Sikh refugees

The attacks on Hindu and Sikh communities are increasing in Afghanistan. Because of the increasing terrorism, violence and discrimination, the minorities from there are coming to India. There was a demand that these refugees from Afghanistan be granted asylum in India. Last year, the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) granting asylum to Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Parsi and Christian minorities from neighbouring countries was passed by the Indian parliament. It is being said that these refugees coming into India from Afghanistan can get Indian citizenship in the future under this act. As of now, these Hindu and Sikh refugees from Afghanistan have been granted a short stay visa to come to India.

Last month, 11 Sikh refugees came to India from Afghanistan. These included Nidan Asha Sachdev. Two months ago, Sachdev had been abducted by the Taliban and was horribly tortured for the next month. Following his release by the Taliban, he, along with his family, came to India.

Meanwhile, in 1980, there were more than 250,000 Hindus and Sikhs in Afghanistan. Now there are a meagre 1,350 Hindu and Sikh people in Afghanistan. They too feel insecure in the continuous violence, and thus, they are coming to India for asylum.

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