Heroin worth 3500 crores seized from Porbandar during Coast Guard Operation.

Mumbai : The Mumbai Coast guard squad has seized narcotics worth 3500 Crores from a ship near Gujrat-Porbandar. An international racket of smuggling narcotics is suspected to be behind this. This is claimed to be the biggest case in India till date of smuggling narcotics using oceanic route. There is news that the Intelligence Agency, Navy, Police and other security agencies along with the Coast guard squad, will carry out a joint investigation of this. The Coast guard squad has taken in custody all 8 workers on the ship smuggling narcotics.

The Coast guard had received information from Intelligence agencies of narcotics in huge quantity being smuggled in ‘MV Henry’ merchant vessel registered in Panama country of Central America. Intelligence agencies had recorded the telephonic conversation of the workers on this ship, after which this operation was carried out. The Coast guard squad on the basis of the information being received from the Intelligence agencies, had been observing this vessel for the past 3 days which departed from Iran bound towards ‘Alang’ port in Gujrat.

On Sunday, as the vessel reached near the Porbandar coast of Gujarat, the Indian Coast Guard ships ‘Samudra Pavak’ and ‘Ankit’ chased and brought this vessel on coast.

On inspecting this vessel, 1500 kgs of heroin was found packed in many small packets. It is said that this heroin is estimated to be worth Rs.3500 Crores in the international markets. It was planned to smuggle this heroin to different places in India from ‘Alang’ port, as reported by the Intelligence agencies.

There were 8 workers on board this ship. They all are Indians. All of them have been arrested. It is not yet revealed if these narcotics were loaded on this vessel in Iran or smuggled from Panama. Intelligence agencies, Navy and Coast guard along with other security agencies have involved in the investigation of the smuggle of these narcotics. These security agencies have undertaken the joint investigation of this incident. Many shocking revelations are possible out of this.

In the last two months, this is the second vessel of Panama caught amid controversy. On June 13, a vessel also registered in Panama had collided against an Indian fishing boat near Kochi, in which 2 fishermen were killed.

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