Growing presence of IS in Somalia, concludes the UN report

New York/ Mogadishu: UN has warned in a report that the Islamic State (IS), which is withdrawing from Iraq and Syria is trying to set up its base in Somalia. The ISIS has been making efforts to increase its presence in the Puntland region of North Somalia, however, according to the reports; the number of terrorists has crossed 200. Last week, the US had reported 20 terrorists killed in drone attacks in this region.


 IS in Somalia

The United Nations mentioned about the growing influence of ISIS in Somalia in a report released on Friday. It has come to the fore that the members of IS, loyal to their religious authority Sheikh Abdul Qadir Mumin have planned to encroach Somalia. In the beginning of the year 2016 their number was minimal. The United Nations has warned that their strength has increased and at present around 200 terrorists are a part of ISIS in Somalia. The reports have revealed that Abdul Qadir Mumin had been corresponding with Islamic State leaders in Iraq and Syria through its intermediary members in Yemen.

It has been concluded from the events of the past year that ISIS had been trying to set up its base in Puntland region of Somalia. Last year, in October, Islamic State terrorists had captured ‘Qandala’ a town in the Puntland region. For two months, this city was under the custody of ISIS. Later, in February, this year the IS extremists launched attack on a hotel in Bossaso city in Puntland. This was followed by suicidal blasts in the month of May.

These attacks have disclosed the expanded strength and capability of the ISIS in the Puntland region. The UN report has even claimed that the Bari region of the Puntland can be a “potential haven” for the terrorists who exit from Iraq and Syria. In March, the US Africom’s Marine General, Chief Thomas D. Waldhauser also warned that the ISIS terrorists had been trying to encroach Somalia.

While the United Nations report was facing a growing threat from the ISIS in Somalia, the US has indicated that it will increase the scope of anti-terrorism measures in Somalia. Last week, the US had targeted the ISIS camps in the Puntland. The Intelligence authorities informed that 20 IS extremists had been killed in the attack. This is the first drone attack launched by the US against the IS in Somalia.

In addition to the IS, the US has also taken up a campaign against Al-Shabab, a terrorist organization affiliated with Somalia. On Friday, the US raised drone strike in the Lower Shabelle and Bay Regions located near Somalia’s capital Mogadishu. According to “Africom” terrorists in huge numbers got killed in 23rd drone attack by the US against terrorist organizations in Somalia this year.

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