Government starts e-retail services in the rural sector  

New Delhi: – In view of the hurdles faced in the supplies of essential commodities in the rural area, the union government has started an indigenous e-retail service like Amazon and Flipkart. This service will enable the rural population to place online or offline orders. The people living in rural areas are facing inconvenience to a great extent due to the unavailability of the essential commodities. Therefore, the union government has decided to start this e-retail service, especially in the rural sector. The service will be operated by the Common Service Centre (CSC). The union government is trying to reach 6 million people from rural areas through 3.8 million outlets of the CSC.  

The service has been set up by the union government as the lockdown is obstructing the free movement of vehicles transporting essential commodities. The people in the rural area will be able to place online and offline orders through this service and receive home delivery. The CSC outlets are private, but these will operate under government monitoring. Dines Tyagi, the Chief Executive Officer of the CSC, informed that these outlets had been assigned the responsibility of supplying vegetables, milk, lentils, fruits and other basic goods.  

The customers can download the app and order the items online. The app has been made available to entrepreneurs in rural areas. Along with them, the app has also been made available to the service centres offering retail and e-retail services. At the same time, the entrepreneurs in the rural areas can also take offline orders and ensure supply to the customers in the next few hours or at least by the next day.   

Till date, 2,000 CSC centres have been connected to the service. Five thousand customers have used the app and have ordered and received commodities worth ₹2 million. Tyagi informed that every centre had been assigned an area between 5 to 10 kilometres radius from its location. 

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