India’s ‘Gaganshakti’ war exercises commence near the Chinese border, Under the inspection of Defence Minister, Sitharaman and Air Chief Marshal, Dhanoa

Itanagar: After the show of strength near the Pakistan border, the fighter jets of the Indian Airforce initiated the second phase of the ‘Gaganshakti 2018’ war exercises near the Chinese border. Defence Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman and Air Chief Marshal, B.S. Dhanoa inspected these war exercises.


india, gaganshakti, china, nirmala sitharaman, dhanoaDefence Minister Sitharaman and Air Chief Marshal Dhanoa visited the Airforce bases in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh and assessed the level of readiness of the Airforce, on Thursday. The Airforce has conducted war exercises even in the past, but Defence Minister Sitharaman said that this is the biggest exercise of the Indian Airforce. The capabilities and readiness of the Airforce during wartime were tested in these exercises. The defence Minister said that the preparations on the eastern border are expected to be on a different level and these expectations were met by these exercises. Defence Minister Sitharaman freshly emphasised on the importance of the ‘Gaganshakti 2018’ exercises saying these exercises are aimed at keeping the Airforce in a state of readiness in the eventuality of war.

As a part of the exercises, two Sukhoii-30 fighter jets took off from the Pasighat ‘Advanced Landing Ground’ airport in Arunachal Pradesh. Following this, a ‘C-130 J Super Hercules’ landed. Two Sukhoi-30 advanced fighter jets along with ‘MI-17’ attack helicopters also carried out air to surface attacks, from the DM range in Assam.

The ‘Gaganshakti’ war exercises will continue near the Chinese border till Sunday. Before this, the Indian fighter jets completed more than 5000 sorties and hit the planned targets accurately on the Pakistan border. The second stage will also be a show of strength of the Airforce. The Air Chief Marshal, B.S. Dhanoa had recently said that the ‘Gaganshakti 2018’ exercises of the Airforce will come as a shock for the enemy on land and in the air.

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