G7 conference ends in disarray as Trump withdraws from joint statement

Third World WarQuebec/Washington: Accusing that the Canadian Prime Minister is dishonest and weak, US President Donald Trump announced withdrawal from the joint communique of the G7 conference. The Canadian Prime Minister while talking at a press conference, had announced that the G7 group had agreed on the necessity of free and mutually beneficial trade, and resistance against trade protectionism. But President Trump’s decision of withdrawal has created a sensation and the media are predicting that a fresh trade war will be sparked at the international level.

G7, us, donald trump, canada, trade war, G7 conferenceFor the past few months, the US President Donald Trump is aggressively following the America First policy and has imposed taxes on the imports from China, Canada, Japan and the European countries. Trump who was in Canada for the G7 conference, strongly justified his decisions during a function on Saturday afternoon.

‘The other countries impose a tax of 270% on the United States but the United States does not impose any tax on them, this situation will not continue henceforth. United States has become a piggy bank that anyone can rob. But this has ended now. We hope and expect the other countries to open their markets for the United States’ exports,’ said Trump.

President Trump left the G7 conference in Canada, early to attend the meeting with Kim Jong-Un, scheduled to be held in Singapore. The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau informed about the joint declaration just as President Trump was leaving the Conference. The declaration states that there was a consensus among the G7 countries on a global trade system within the framework of the G7 rules, free, appropriate and mutually beneficial trade and resistance to trade protectionism.

G7, us, donald trump, canada, trade war, G7 conferenceThere were severe reactions from the US President over the Canadian Prime Minister’s announcement. Trump posted two tweets back to back to severely criticise the Canadian Prime Minister. At the same time, he also announced the United States’ withdrawal from the joint statement. ‘The Canadian Prime Minister’s behaviour was very courteous and soft at the G7 conference. But after I left, he took a negative stand about the taxes imposed by the United States saying that they were insulting and also said that he will not succumb to pressure. This is a sign of dishonesty and weakness,’ the US President lashed out at the Canadian Prime Minister in these words.

Following this, the US President also announced that he was withdrawing from the joint communique to protest against the huge taxes imposed on the United States agriculture, work force and companies by Canada. After the US President’s announcement, Canada has issued a separate statement clarifying that the Canadian Prime Minister had not said anything different.

This is the first time that the differences between G7, group of the worlds’ leading countries, are coming out in the open. The media are claiming that because of the taxes imposed by the United States and the stance taken by the other leading countries against it, a trade war may be sparked once again.