European countries should stop business with Iran or be ready to face President Trump’s fury, says US Senator Newt Gingrich

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Paris: ‘The allies of the United States in Europe should immediately stop business ties with Iran and help the United States to overthrow the murderous Iranian regime. Or else, the European countries should be prepared to face the wrath of President Trump,’ warned Newt Gingrich, US senior Senator and supporter of President Trump.

Gingrich delivered this message to the European countries, while speaking at the Free Iran Rally held in Paris. The US President has already warned China over the cooperation with Iran. If the European countries did not dissociate with Iran, they could be next to face stern action from Trump, after China, claimed Gingrich.

At the same time, Gingrich reminded that there is a change in the United States’ policies towards Iran. ‘Two years ago, the US administration which was providing funds to the Iranian government and relaxing the economic sanctions, had no guts to act against Iran. But the current US administration has clearly understood the true nature of the Iranian government and is increasing the sanctions to end this regime,’ said Gingrich.

The sanctions against Iran will increase every month and soon a democratic government will replace the autocratic government there, claimed Gingrich. Gingrich warned that the Iranian government that has cheated its population will have to pay dearly for it. The European countries should support the policies of President Trump regarding Iran or else they will also have to face harsh actions, warned the senior US Senator.

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