France will not let China play around the Kashmir issue in UNSC

New Delhi: – France has warned that it will not allow China to make a game out of Kashmir in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Emmanuel Bonne, the political advisor to the French President, clarified the French stand during a speech. Simultaneously, Bonne reminded that France firmly stood with India against Chinese intrusion attempts in Ladakh. Saying that India’s defence cooperation will become stronger in the coming times, he announced that the French navy would participate in the joint naval exercises of India, the United States, Japan, and Australia.   

india-france-7-jan-1Discussions were recently held between National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and Emmanuel Bonne. All the details of the discussions have not been revealed. But as per reports, preparations are being made to sign an agreement, similar to Basic Information Exchange Agreement (BECA), signed with the United States. Both the countries will immensely benefit with this agreement. Emmanuel Bonne presented the French stand during his address at the seminar organised by a think tank on the subject ‘France and India Partners for Stable and Prosperous Indo-Pacific.’ France has stood by India on the Kashmir issue. Besides, Bonne clarified that it would shoot down all the Chinese efforts to pressurise India, using the complicated processes of the United Nations.  

‘France has always stood by India on the Kashmir and many other issues. France is also aware of the tension created in the Himalayan region due to Chinese aggression.’ asserted Bonne, as he indicated that France had adopted a stand to support India. Bonne pointed out that France had also made statements reprimanding China, on the official level. Bonne made a caustic comment ‘We do not want conflict. It is easy to make such statements sitting in Paris. But we know how difficult it is to make such statements when tensions reign in the Himalayan region of Ladakh and have a neighbour like Pakistan.’  

Bonne pointed out that despite this, France is taking the initiative to discharge its international duties. France is the only European country involved in patrolling in the Gulf of Taiwan. The French patrolling in that region is not to incite anyone. Bonne said that France took this action to make everybody aware that international laws are binding on everyone.   

Bonne made a significant announcement that France will cooperate with India for the Indo-Pacific regional security and will participate in the QUAD naval exercises. Meanwhile, the India-France defence cooperation is developing by the day; France has expressed special keenness to fulfil the Indian security requirements in the future. France has proposed a supply of additional 36 Rafale fighter jets. Moreover, France has expressed willingness to manufacture Rafale in India, if India decided to buy Rafale fighter jets at large, for its defence forces. Talks are in the air that France has even agreed to transfer the Rafale technology to India for this purpose.   

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