France standing at doorsteps of Civil War: Jonathan Miller

France stannding on doorsteps of Civil War

Paris (Agencies) : “France is facing back to back terror attacks and is now at the door step of a civil war”, warned Jonathan Miller an elected city councilor in southern France. In addition, he has expressed the threat by saying that the number of migrants and extremists are increasing at quite high rate in France and some groups of extremist ideology are becoming active. Due to the increasing impact of these two different thinking groups there are chances of clashes in the country and at doorstep of civil war, warned Miller. Based on this claim one of the French daily has conducted a survey, and after it expressed views that 65% French people believe that their government cannot fight against terror.


In the last one and half years, France has faced 3 major terror attacks and around 250 people have lost their lives. The government and the security forces have failed to control back to back attacks as a result of which different groups with extremist ideology are becoming active in country.

France stannding on doorsteps of Civil War

Meanwhile, massive number of migrants are entering France. There are fears expressed that extremists under the garb of migrants too have entered France. It is believed that the French government has failed to control migrants and the extremist groups have started using this as an opportunity. Support for these groups is increasing day by day and some of these groups have instructed their members to be ready with weapons.

Miller working as public relations officer in south France tried to put forward these situations and expressed his threats. Miller further said warned that even some French nationals from these groups are getting ready with weapons for war. He added that these groups and increasing number of migrants may result in a civil war”.

The head of the French General Directorate for Internal Security, Patrick Calvar has already warned even before the attack in Nice that one more terror attack in France would result in civil war.

Meanwhile, ‘Le Figaro’ the French Daily conducted a survey, which stated that 67% of French population thinks that their government and security agencies are not capable of fighting terrorism.

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