Pakistan should directly attack India: PM of POK

Mirpur: Raja Farooq Haider, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK), demanded ‘If the Pakistan Prime Minister continues with his current stand, the dream of independence for Kashmir cannot become a reality for the next 700 years. Therefore, Imran should order the Pakistan forces to launch a direct attack on India instead of verbal volleys.’ Talks are rife in Pakistan that India has made all the preparations to takeover POK, along with the Gilgit-Baltistan region. Against this background, the demand made by the POK Prime Minister appears to be only a frantic effort for survival.

Raja Farooq Haider, a puppet in the hands of the notorious Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI, showered severe criticism on Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. Haider demanded ‘Imran should take direct action instead of verbal volleys.’ Haider also made a ridiculous statement that if India has started including weather report for Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan should include the weather report for New Delhi.

India abrogated Article 370 that awarded special status to Jammu-Kashmir. The extremists in Pakistan were hoping that the Pakistan government will take some aggressive decisions regarding Kashmir, following the development. But Prime Minister Khan could not do anything more than a desperate speech regarding Kashmir at the United Nations. Therefore, the extremists as well as the leaders of the terrorist organisations have started expressing regret that this incompetence, on the part of Imran Khan, has led to India tightening its grip on Jammu-Kashmir and now is speaking the language of taking over Gilgit-Baltistan. Only a few days ago, Hizbul Mujahidin leader, Salahuddin, confessed to their helplessness saying ‘Dushman ka Palda Bhari Hai’ (The odds are in favour of the enemy). Salahuddin also pinned the blame, for the situation, on the diffident policies of the Pakistan government.

Imran Khan had warned that international community that India will attack POK anytime, under the false pretext of a terror attack. The Pakistani media has made vitriolic criticism that if that is the case, let Imran Khan inform, regarding the preparations made, to face the eventuality. Former Pakistan military officials have started saying that Pakistan has proved to be utterly powerless against the aggressive political and military policies of India, and Imran Khan must accept the responsibility of the failure. The Pakistan military is also distraught with Prime Minister Imran Khan, and the criticism showered by the puppets in the hands of the military, like Raja Farooq Haider and other extremist leaders, only endorses this further.

The attack of Raja Farooq Haider appears to be directed at Imran Khan, although, he has made the demand that Imran Khan should order a direct attack on India. This is because traditionally, the policies of the Pakistan government are decided by the military and not the elected Prime Minister. Everyone having any knowledge of Pakistan politics is aware of this fact. Therefore, this demand made by Raja Farooq Haider is an attempt to create an illusion that the Pakistan military operates under orders from the Pakistan Prime Minister. This also appears to be an attempt to save the face of Pakistan military.

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