Double standards have no place in the fight against terrorism, warns EAM Jaishankar

New Delhi: Indian Minister of External Affairs S. Jaishankar warned that there is no place for ifs and buts; you cannot discriminate terrorists as good or bad while countering terrorism. While speaking at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) virtual meeting, Jaishankar targeted terror-sponsor Pakistan without direct mention. ‘A strong political will is required to eradicate terrorism. Terrorism cannot be justified in any way, and all countries have to concur on the issue,’ Jaishankar said.

Double standards have no place in the fight against terrorism, warns EAM JaishankarAt the UNSC virtual meeting, Jaishankar advocated the necessity to adopt a strong stand against terrorism. The Indian Foreign Minister targeted Pakistan without direct mention and said ‘Ifs and buts have no place when it comes to terrorism. There cannot be any double standards on the issue. Those who distinguish between terrorists as good and bad have their vested interests. Those who protect terrorists that way are as guilty as the terrorists.’

Jaishankar pointed out that ‘The malpractices of protecting the terrorists adds to their strength and creates an atmosphere of terror and uncertainty among other communities.’ Jaishankar targeted China and stated that ‘Some countries are helping the terrorists in all possible ways. They are raising funds for the terrorists. Some countries are, in turn protecting such countries.’ In the past, China had used its right to veto to stall the UN Security Council’s counter-terrorism action in Pakistan. Jaishankar’s statements have a reference to the incident.

Meanwhile, as India is talking about initiating decisive action against terror-sponsor Pakistan, the country has started making counter-allegations against India, saying it supports terrorism. During an interview with a news outlet, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan accused India of destabilising it by carrying out terrorist acts. Imran Khan said that the Pakistan intelligence agencies are confident about it.

A few weeks ago, Pakistan presented evidence of supposed ‘terror attacks’ carried out by India, at the United Nations. Nevertheless, the Pakistan media itself has criticised the government and said no one had assigned any significance to the evidence.

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