12 JeM terrorists detained, had planned attacks in Delhi

2016_5$img04_May_2016_PTI5_4_2016_000216BThe Delhi Police detained 12 ‘Jaish-e-Mohammed’ terrorists who were planning major attacks in the capital. They were picked up in raids conducted in various places and explosives have been seized from them as well. A major calamity has now been averted. However, raids in Delhi and in Uttar Pradesh could possibly track down some more terrorists.

The Intelligence Agencies had tipped off the Delhi Police about possible terrorist activity following which certain suspects were put under surveillance. Two terrorists were detained as a result of the joint operation of the Intelligence agencies and the special cell of the Delhi Police. These terrorists, arrested in the Gokulpuri area of East Delhi, were in the process of making ‘IED’. Their interrogation yielded information about other ‘Jaish’ militants in and around Delhi. Beginning the night of Tuesday 3rd May until the early hours of Wednesday 4th May, the security forces engaged in raids at several places. A total of 12 persons have been detained.

All the detained terrorists are found to be members of the sleeper cell of the ‘Jaish’. Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, it is alleged, have a few other sleeper cells of the same terrorist outfit. Raids based on the information that emerged during the questioning of the detainees were conducted in Delhi and in Uttar Pradesh to zero in on some more militants, stated a senior officer of the Delhi Police force. Some more arrests were likely. This has, in any case, busted completely the plans of the ‘Jaish’. This terrorist outfit, upset that they fell short of success at Pathankot, had set about planning attacks to rock the country. Intelligence agencies had constantly sounded a warning to the effect.

India has initiated a political campaign against the ‘Jaish’ chief, ‘Maulana Masood Azhar’. At the UN Security Summit, India had proposed that ‘Azhar’ be black-listed and declared international terrorist. With China blocking it, the bid could not carry through but India persists in campaigning against ‘Azhar’ at the international level. While India engages in these efforts, the ‘Jaish’ intends to go all out to prove its strength by executing terror plans in India. However, the vigilance of the Indian Intelligence Agencies and of the Security machinery has succeeded in foiling the ill intentions of the ‘Jaish’ and of other terrorist outfits in Pakistan.      

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