Cybercrime on the rise in UK, losses of 1.8 million pounds claimed 

London: – Coronavirus is on a rampage in the United Kingdom, like the United States and Italy, and has claimed more than 10,000 lives. Currently, there is a lockdown imposed in the United Kingdom. The economy of the United Kingdom also is taking a hit because of this. Now, it has been reported that there is a rise in cybercrimes in the United Kingdom, and losses of 1.8 million pounds have been reported in the country.   

British Home Minister, Priti Patel, revealed this information regarding the crime in a press conference. While noting that there was a decline of 21% in the crime rate, she said that the incidence of online frauds has increased substantially. Patel said that losses of nearly 1.8 million pounds have been incurred because of these online frauds.  

Meanwhile, information had been revealed a few weeks ago, the British industry has taken a major hit because of these cyber frauds in the last 12 months. The cyber scams have hit 68% of the medium-sized sectors and 75% of the big industries in the United Kingdom. 

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