The origin of Coronavirus is Wuhan laboratory, asserts US President Trump  

Washington: – US President Trump launched a scathing direct attack on China, saying ‘China is claiming that the Coronavirus came from a bat in Wuhan. This bat was nowhere in 40 miles vicinity of Wuhan. Therefore, one must understand that this bat never came for sale in the Wuhan market. Instead, it is becoming clear in the preliminary investigation, that the virus came from the laboratory in Wuhan.’ Moreover, President Trump also criticised that there have been more deaths in China than the United States, but China is hiding the actual figures.  

Accusations are rife that Coronavirus is a Chinese biological weapon and China has tried it on the world. The US President has already indicated this. The United Kingdom, Japan and Australia also have expressed a similar suspicion. President Trump launched a direct attack on China while having a dialogue with the journalists in the White House on Friday. President Trump blew away the Chinese claim that an infected bat came in the Wuhan market for sale and the virus spread from there.  

President Trump scoffed at the Chinese claim pointing out that there are no bats in a 40-mile perimeter around Wuhan. Trump said that the preliminary investigations reveal that the virus came from the laboratory in Wuhan. President Trump has decided to scrap the funding of USD 3.7 million to this laboratory in Wuhan, announced by former President Barack Obama. The members of the US Congress have announced their support for his decision and the US lawmakers have requested the administration to ensure that no more funding is released for the laboratory in the future.   

The United States is getting recognition as the country with maximum deaths due to Coronavirus, with more than 38,000 deaths. But President Trump is not willing to accept this. President Trump pointed out that the number of deaths in China is in multiples of the deaths in the United States, but China is not willing to reveal the information. President Trump claimed that although China is saying that the number of deaths has doubled in the last few days, the actual figures are in multiple of what is being revealed.  

US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, also had appealed that China should attempt to absolve itself of the accusations regarding the pandemic. Whereas, British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab asserted on Friday that the UK-China relations would not normalise even after the Coronavirus crisis ends. Therefore, the United States and the United Kingdom have started taking an anti-China stand, and it is clearly visible that the edge of criticism against China will only become sharper in the time to come.   

Countries like the United States and the United Kingdom are time and again reminding China, in different ways, that if China does not adopt a favourable stand, a conflict on the political level is a certainty and this could even culminate into an economic conflict. By now, even China has realised this, and therefore, China has stopped using aggressive language while replying to any criticism against it. 

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