43 terrorists killed in the counter-terrorism action by the Syrian military in Idlib

Third World WarBeirut: The Syrian government claimed to have eliminated 43 terrorists in the counter-terror action, taken in the northern Syrian part of Idlib. A group in Syria informed that there were terrorists from an organisation affiliated to Al Qaeda, among the killed. But the international news agencies have been claiming that only locals were killed in the Syrian operation. Since a few days, Russia has been carrying out airstrikes in the Idlib region.

The Syrian military has claimed that the Aleppo, Idlib and Hama regions are still under the terrorist influence. The Syrian army has started targeting Idlib for this purpose. The Syrian and Russian attacks on Idlib were intensified after the terrorist launched rocket attacks, on the Russian air base, two days ago. Forty-three people are claimed to have been killed in action taken by Russian fighter jets and the Syrian military.

terrorism, idlib, syrian militaryThe killed included members of the Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist organisations Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham and Turkistan Islamic Party. This time attacks were carried out on the roads used for supplying provisions to the terrorists and as per the Syrian military, attacking the Idlib-Hama road would only corner the terrorists. But the Syrian human rights organisation claimed that even civilians were being killed in these Syrian attacks. As per reports, five civilians were killed in the airstrike on Idlib.

The Russian air force informed that its fighter jets attacked the border regions of Aleppo and targeted the terrorists’ hubs in the area. One of the newspapers in the Middle East reported that Russia and Syria had targeted the locations of US-supported rebels, along with the terrorists. This newspaper claimed that Syria had violated the ceasefire, with these attacks.

Meanwhile, France has criticised the Syrian military action in Idlib. French President Emmanuel Macron has expressed concern over the Idlib action saying that these attacks are threatening the security of the Syrian population. A reaction from the United States over this matter is expected. Strong reactions against these attacks are also expected from Saudi and allies, supporting the Syrian rebels.

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