Coronavirus spreading dangerously   

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Washington/Tehran/London: – 6,650 people have been killed in the Coronavirus pandemic around the world. The number of people infected has reached 1,71,683. It has been reported that 129 people died in Iran alone in the last 24 hours. Whereas, the pandemic is playing havoc in European countries, such as Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic and these countries have declared that heavy penalties will be levied, in case of failure to observe the guidelines issued by the government. Whereas, the US President Donald Trump has appealed to the US citizens not to hoard the essentials.  

Coronavirus is spreading more rapidly than expected and is becoming the biggest health crisis faced by the international community. 129 people have died in Iran alone, only in a day. The entire Middle Eastern region has been gripped by panic, because of this and all the Iranian neighbours have sealed their borders with Iran. It is once again evident has Iran has failed miserably to contain the epidemic. Senior Iranian leaders and officials also have been affected by the virus. ‘Grand Ayatollah Hashem Bathai’, the President of the most politically empowered committee of Iran, responsible for the selection of the ayatollah successor, has died in the pandemic.  

It has been reported in the past that officials of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and health department have fallen prey to the pandemic. It is claimed that therefore, special precautions are being taken regarding the well-being of the Iranian supremo, Ayatollah Khamenei. Coronavirus pandemic is on a rampage in Europe after Italy. The pandemic is spreading rapidly in countries like France, the United Kingdom and Germany. President Emmanuel Macron announced that the situation is festering in France. Macron expressed a concern that the number of Coronavirus cases in France are doubling, every three days. There are 5,423 Coronavirus cases in France and 127 people have died in the pandemic. Whereas, in Spain, 309 people have died and the number of cases is 9,191. The Spanish agencies have warned that the people hosting parties and functions, despite this, will have to, henceforth, pay a fine of 25,000 Euros.  

The United Kingdom has suggested to the citizens that if one develops symptoms of the disease, he should avoid physical contact with one another, as far as possible. It has been announced that people not following this instruction will be fined GBP 1,000 or will face imprisonment.   

The British agencies are appealing that people over 70 should place themselves under self-isolation. Till date, 1,391 cases of Coronavirus have been reported, 35 people have died. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is taking a briefing daily. The British police have been given special powers to counter the pandemic. Whereas, Germany has increases controls on the borders with 5 countries.  

There are 3,872 cases of Coronavirus in the United States and 69 people have died. This has created panic in the United States. President Donald Trump has appealed to the citizens not to hoard the essential items. Disease expert Anthony Fauci, from the United States, claimed that a shutdown of at least two weeks is necessary to contain the pandemic. The media are supporting the claim. But currently, the Trump administration has not released any official information on this matter. 

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