Coronavirus pandemic originated from a Wuhan Lab staff; WHO researcher confirms Wuhan Lab Theory

Copenhagen/Beijing – The first Coronavirus patient (Patient Zero) could have been a staff member at Wuhan Lab in China, claimed Peter Ben Embarek, the World Health Organization (WHO) chief researcher. Besides, he also said that the outbreak is likely to have started from Wuhan Lab. Embarek was the head of a team sent to China to investigate the Coronavirus origin. Therefore, his statement has caught significant attention. In a program aired on state TV in Denmark, Embarek claimed that the Chinese system was constantly inserting pressure while reiterating the Wuhan Lab Theory.


China, Coronavirus, coronavirus origin probe, wuhan lab, Wuhan Lab TheoryChina’s role in the Coronavirus since its inception in 2019 has been suspicious. China has consistently suppressed the Coronavirus information to avoid reprimands. It also published petty claims that the Coronavirus originated in other countries. Chinese researchers talking about the Coronavirus pandemic were shut down. Several journalists were also reported missing. A report released by the World Health Organization earlier this year denied any relation to the Wuhan Lab. This report was also supported by Tedros Ghebreyesus, the head of the WHO at the time.

However, in the wake of China’s ongoing efforts, major countries, including the United States and European countries, have blamed China for the origin of the Coronavirus. Last year, Former US President Donald Trump openly accused that the Coronavirus originated in China’s Wuhan lab. After that, many senior US leaders, officials and researchers pointed to the Wuhan laboratory.

A researcher who escaped from China also revealed that he had evidence in this regard. Thus, US President Joe Biden ordered US agencies to investigate the Wuhan lab leak and submit report. Since then, the issue of Wuhan Lab Leak Theory has come to the forefront internationally. The WHO had twice called on China to cooperate in a new phase of the investigation. But China has rejected the demand both times. In this context, the information provided by Danish researchers has been an impasse to China.

In a documentary published on TV 2, researcher Peter Ben Embarek claimed that a staff member at the Wuhan Lab was infected while taking samples of the Coronavirus and that it spread from there. Embarek also said that the Chinese authorities did not cooperate appropriately in the investigation and did not provide proper documents and information. He also alleged that Chinese authorities had repeatedly pressured him not to mention Wuhan Lab in the report. The leading researchers at the WHO confirmed the Wuhan Lab Theory has proved to be a problem for China.

A few days ago, a US website reported that a researcher at China’s leading research institutes contracted the Coronavirus. Senior researchers at China’s National Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention (NIVDC) were infected by the Coronavirus in early 2020. The US website said the information came from emails from some researchers in China.

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