Coronavirus cases in India cross 2,300

New Delhi: The number of Coronavirus cases in India surged by 400 in one day, taking the total number of cases to 2,300. Maharashtra reported 81 new cases, which is the highest recorded by any Indian state, and currently, the total number of cases here has reached 416. Of these, 57 cases were reported from Mumbai. Following Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu recorded the second-highest number of cases, which was 74. In Delhi, 67 people tested positive for the Novel Coronavirus. The total number of cases in Delhi has climbed to 293, although 183 people of these had attended the religious congregation organised while the city is still under lockdown. Even in Tamil Nadu, 73 out of the total 74 patients are linked to this event.

The COVID-19 cases in the country have increased quite rapidly over the last five days. The first Coronavirus patient was found in the country on 30th January, and total cases in the country reached 1,000 on 29th March. It took 15 days for the number to rise from 100 to 1,000, but the next thousand cases were added in a mere four days, bringing the total number of infections over 2,000.

On Thursday, Luv Agrawal, the Joint Secretary of the Health Ministry, informed that 53 patients had died due to the pandemic till date and there are 2,069 cases in the country. But on Friday, Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan informed that 2,301 people in the country had tested positive so far. The latest addition of 150 cases was over a period of just 12 hours. Also, the country’s death toll had climbed to 56.

The sudden spike in cases is ascribed to the congregation the Tablighi Jamaat had held during the lockdown. So far, more than 400 attendees at the congregation have tested positive for the new Coronavirus. Most of these cases were reported from Delhi with the numbers now reaching 183. In Tamil Nadu, 173 attendees at this event, tested positive. What’s more, 67 people from Andhra Pradesh, 33 from Telangana, 22 from Jammu-Kashmir, 11 from Rajasthan and nine from Andaman and Nicobar had attended the function and have now tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry has informed that 50 doctors and health workers have contracted the Coronavirus infection, of which six doctors are from Delhi.

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