More than 43,000 Corona deaths in Iran, claims Iranian rebel group

London: – Coronavirus claimed 63 lives in the last 24 hours, and as informed by the Iranian health ministry, on Sunday, the total number of deaths in Iran has reached 7,797. But an Iranian rebel group claimed that the number of Coronavirus deaths in Iran is not seven thousand, but a whopping 43,000. The group informed that the situation in Iran is similar to China, and coronavirus patients are dropping dead on Iranian roads. 

The rebel group, National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), a bitter opponent of the Khamenei rule in Iran, operating out of France, informed a British newspaper regarding the situation in Iran. The Iran government claims that Coronavirus has claimed 7,797 lives in Iran. But NCRI claimed that the Coronavirus pandemic which has spread to 320 cities in Iran has claimed more than 43,800 lives. For this, the rebel group has produced the ambulance trip records. NCRI informed that these have trips to the graveyards and to pick up the bodies from the roads.

The group has also published videos from different cities of the Iranian patients dropping dead in the metro trains and on the roads. At the same time, the group claimed that at first, three employees in the Chinese embassy in capital Tehran contracted Coronavirus in January. The medical examination revealed that one of these employees had returned after spending 12 days in China. But the Iranian government dismissed these claims.

Iran government said that the employees in the Chinese embassy had a fever and not Coronavirus infection. But NCRI claimed that the Iranian government, which is dependent on Chinese support, has feigned that the employees were not infected with Coronavirus to protect China. The group blamed that the Iranian government made false claims of the virus entering Iran from the European tourists to avoid any further allegations on China.

A few weeks ago, even a US study group had claimed that there would be 55,000 Coronavirus deaths in Iran. The US study group had published satellite photographs of the burial grounds in the City of Qom. The study group had also informed that the Coronavirus pandemic had spread to more than 200 cities in Iran, based on the information posted on social media.

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