Expert committee appointed to investigate Chinese company’s espionage

Tokyo: – The Union government has set up an expert committee, to investigate the issue of espionage by the Shenzhen Zhenhua Data Information Technology Co, of China. The committee has been instructed to submit its report in 30 days. It is also reported that the Indian foreign ministry has raised the Zhenhua espionage issue, with the Chinese ambassador.   

Only two days ago, a report had exposed that this company, linked to the Chinese military, is spying on 10,000 Indians, including President Ramnath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The report stated that the Chinese company was preparing a database for the Chinese military, spying on the Indian leaders, diplomats, researchers and influential people from various sectors. The report claimed that the information is used to cause losses to the enemies and adversaries and to run a misinformation campaign.  

The union government has taken serious cognisance and appointed an expert committee to investigate the matter. The committee will submit the report after investigating the entire matter, under the leadership of the National Cyber Security coordinator. If something wrong and illegal is found in the inquiry, the government will take further steps.   

Meanwhile, it has been repeatedly exposed that the Chinese companies are involved in espionage and are misusing the data. Accusations have also been made that China is spying even through hacking and cyberattacks. The United States, the United Kingdom and Australia have levelled such allegations against China, in the past. India banned more than 200 Chinese apps blaming them with data theft.   

On Wednesday, five Chinese hackers were arrested in the United States. These Chinese hackers were involved in espionage, data theft and cyberattacks. It claimed that these hackers have stolen data from more than 100 companies in the world and they are also claimed to have targeted Indian companies. Against this background, the importance of the committee appointed by the Union government to investigate the Chinese spying increases manifold.   

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