UAE and Bahrain should be prepared to face consequences for cooperating with Israel, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

Tehran: – The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain have joined hands with Israel and have even offered their military bases to Israel. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani threatened that UAE and Bahrain should be prepared for the consequences if Israel carried out any inciting activities using this cooperation. At the same time, the Iranian President criticised the airstrikes carried out by Israel in the Gaza strip.   

Two days ago, the historic Abraham agreement, was signed between Israel, UAE and Bahrain, with mediation from the United States. As per the agreement, diplomatic and trade cooperation will be established between Israel, UAE and Bahrain. UAE and Bahrain have clarified that this agreement has been signed for establishing peace between Israel and the Arab nations and the issue of the Palestine or two-state solution have not been sidelined. Both the countries claimed that this agreement opened the avenues for a direct talk with Israel.   

But Iranian President Hassan Rouhani came down heavily on the agreement between Israel, UAE and Bahrain. Rouhani threatened ‘Rulers of some of the countries, from the region, have forgotten their gratitude towards the Palestinians brothers and religion. This is why these countries have joined hands with Israel. Now, these rulers are willing to allow Israel, use of their military bases. Given this mistake, if Israel carries out any inciting activities, both the countries should be prepared to face the consequences.’  

After that, the Iranian President lashed out even at US President Donald Trump. The United States has been isolated on the international level due to the stand adopted by Trump regarding the Iranian nuclear program. The European countries are with Iran and they have already opposed the US stand. Only Israel and some other small countries are supporting the United States and the US sanctions will not have any effect on Iran. 

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