Wikileaks reports of CIA being able to hack webcams, microphones

Washington : The intelligence agency of America ‘CIA’ had developed a technology capable of hacking ‘Webcams’ and Microphones, as exposed by ‘WikiLeaks’ website. WikiLeaks also said that CIA had named the technology as ‘Project Dumbo’.

5 months ago, WikiLeaks had exposed thousands of documents related to American intelligence agency ‘CIA’. These documents revealed how CIA made use of smart phones, smart TV and ultramodern vehicles for surveillance purposes.

The latest revelation by ‘WikiLeaks’ is said to be the next part of this series. Named as ‘Vault 7’, WikiLeaks has started to use this series to expose the ‘Hacking’ potentials of American intelligence agencies. ‘Project Dumbo’ is related to CIA’s ‘Center for Cyber intelligence, claims this latest revelation.

According to this information, by means of ‘Dumbo’, ‘monitoring and detection systems’ can easily be hacked. In-order to use ‘Dumbo’, a USB drive is necessary and must be connected to the computer that is to be hacked. By this means it is easily possible to alter the recordings by webcams and microphones, as per the information published by WikiLeaks.

It is claimed that with the help of ‘Dumbo’ it is even possible to mute the microphones, pause the recording of the camera and disable the network adapters. WikiLeaks also mentioned in the revelation that in any computer using the Microsoft‘s windows operating systems’, ‘monitoring and detection systems’ could have been easily hacked with the help of Dumbo.

A few days ago, WikiLeaks had exposed the ‘CIA tools’ technology which can hack Mac OS  and Linux based systems. CIA, under the operation ‘Imperial’ had developed 3 tools named as ‘Achilles’, ‘SeaPea’ and ‘Aeris’, according to the information by WikiLeaks.

In the month of March, WikiLeaks, under its project called ‘Year Zero’, had exposed 9000 documents of CIA. In these it claimed that CIA is using technology which can use TV as a sound reception device, get information from Smart phones by avoiding the popular encryption software (information hiding software) and control vehicles that are equipped with advanced technology.

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